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Switch Technique - Wave

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21-year-old, California-based photographer Christopher J. Rivera explores extraordinary worlds of fantasy in his spectacular conceptual photography.

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Jupiter and Io

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Lifeby JohnHLynch

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Holuhraun eruption | by: { Benedikt Halfdanarson }

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Clouds Crashing Over Nebraska

Storm chaser Alex Schueth captured timelapse of a rare cloud formation called undulatus asperatus during a storm over Lincoln, Nebraska earlier this summer. The term, which translates to “roughed or agitated waves,” describes the bizarre rolling pattern formed by the clouds. Observers have noted that the phenomenon gives the impression of being underwater looking up at the surface at waves. Margaret LeMone, a cloud expert with the National Center for Atmospheric Research has taken photos of asperatus clouds for 30 years, and considers it a likely new cloud type.

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Listen/purchase: Mysterium by Morvranh

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